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AccessToGo 3.5

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By James_Ericom » 11 Nov 2014

What's New:
Cool Zoom gesture
Auto keyboard and position on text entry field
Setting to enable/disable the auto keyboard and position feature
Support for PowerTerm WebConnect 6.0 Two-factor Authentication
Supports AccessServer 3.x for the latest Blaze performance
Updated Settings menu for easier navigation
RDP Fallback when connecting to older Blaze Servers

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By James_Ericom » 30 Dec 2014 in reply to James_Ericom

AccessToGo 3.5 RDP mode does not support xRDP.  This is on our roadmap for consideration. 

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By ryanjgillies » 29 Oct 2015

AccessToGo perfectly meets our requirements for an RDP client on a mobile device - regrettably though we have a large number of Windows Smartphones that would be costly to replace.  Is there any chance a version of AccessToGo for Windows Smartphones is in the pipeline?

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By EricomGal » 31 Jan 2016

Hi Ryan,

We'll make a note of your request for consideration. Meanwhile, I recommend looking into Ericom AccessNow, a fully browser-based access solution that works beautifully across all devices with a modern (HTML5) browser, regardless of OS.

For more info, check out

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