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Remote desktop session request browser fullscreen

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By awarren » 02 May 2016

We are having some problems with applications that have minimum resolution requirements when the user's local resolution matches the required resolution, but their browser is not in fullscreen mode.

Obviously users can hit F11 in Windows to switch to fullscreen mode, but it would be much easier if this process was transparent for the user.

Javascript has an experimental element.requestFullscreen() method that is support by all modern browsers, I'm not sure if this or something equivalent is available to be enabled in Published Desktops? This is an example of the method in use:

I have Sceen Mode at Launch set to Full Screen, but this does not seem to cause the browser itself to go fullscreen.

Appreciate any assistance on this. If no solution is currently available, I'd like to know where to submit a feature request.


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By Cristian_Ericom » 04 May 2016

Hi awarren,

Thank you for opening this thread.
As you said, this is a feature request and needs to be analyzed by our R&D team.
Could you please contact us at ca @ and send us the following details?
- account name;
-  product and version that you are using;
- Windows version and architecture (32 or 64 bits);
- serial number received from Ericom when you purchased the software.

Thank you,

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