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Default language Accessportal

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By cowboy73 » 30 Sep 2015

Hello, are there an easy way to set another language as default when logging in to Accessportal? I know I can change it via settings in webpage menu, but i dont want to do that every time i log on...

Tried editing settings.xml in accessportal web directory, but no joy...

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By Cristian_Ericom » 13 Oct 2015


You can edit the config.js file and modify the "locale" parameter.

locale: "en-us",          // Locale for UI. Default is "en-us". See resources/lang/dictionary.list.txt for list of supported locales.

The path of the config.js file is 
C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\Ericom Access Server\WebServer\AccessNow\resources\lang

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