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Windows XP Support

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By janderson » 01 Apr 2014


Is Windows XP Service Pack 3 supported as a host with the new Access Server?  I have installed on several XP machines and when attempting to connect we receive :  "Error Conecting.  Please make sure the RDP Encryption level on the host machine is set to low.

We have another customer running 2.5 and no issues.  We have looked everywhere e.g. gpedit, and the registry and believe that we are indeed configured as such.

Are we missing something?

Thank you, John

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By James_Ericom » 02 Apr 2014

To install Access Server 3.x on Windows XP, the following needs to be performed:

- install Hotfix for Windows XP (KB956072) 

- restart the machine

- install Access Server

- restart machine again

- test a connection

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