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Upgrading AccessNow and Secure Gateway

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By rdnixon » 26 May 2015

I have just downloaded the latest version of AccessNow and Secure Gateway. We have been running 3.5 since December. Is there any recommended approach to upgrading - or do I just run the installer? I'm assuming all my settings etc will be preserved? 

Just asking as it took quite a while to customise 1st time round.



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By Cristian_Ericom » 12 Jun 2015

Hello rdnixon,

The best approach for upgrading the Ericom Secure Gateway is to backup your current configuration file (EricomSecureGateway.exe.config), uninstall the software, reboot the server, install the new version as Administrator and edit the new config file to match your old config file. No reboot is needed after making changes to the ESG config file.

For AccessNow the procedure is the same, but do backup all your customized files and restore them after the upgrade.

Hope this answers your questions.

Kind regards,

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