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Template for AccessNow applications

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By Scott_C » 05 Mar 2014

I really like your demo page  Is there a way to create a page like that?

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By Andrew_Ericom » 05 Mar 2014

Hi Scott,

So glad you liked the demo site.  If you would like to make your own version of that site we have a template that you can use.  Download the zip file from the ftp link below and unzip it to the same location as your start.html page. NOTE: This will overwrite your existing config.js file, so you may want to back it up in case you made any changes.

To use this just browse to launch.html instead of start.html.  So for example  if before you used:

instead use:

This page comes configured with three example connections but you can add/remove them by editing the launch.html page and the config.js pages. This template takes advantage of a feature we call "configuration groups." For more information on this feature you can reference the AccessNow administration manual.

Feel free to contact us again if you require further assistance.


Andrew Kozlowski

Technical Support

Ericom Software, Inc.

Tel (201) 767 2210 

Access Done Right

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By Scott_C » 07 Mar 2014

Thanks Andrew!

That is exactly what I wanted.  I think I can use this to do what I want.  If I have any questions I will ask.


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