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Session Client Name not unique

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By Leon » 25 Nov 2015


We are trialling AccessNow and have found an issue with Client Name on RDP sessions.

All the sessions regardless of user or PC are using the sameIP address in the client name (which happens to be my IP address)

Is there a setting where this can be changed?  If possible we'd prefer the PC name instead of IP.

Many thanks



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By Cristian_Ericom » 23 Dec 2015

Hello Leon,

Thank you for contacting Ericom Customer Advocay team.
Could you please check if that IP has a reverse DNS entry ?
You can check that by issuing a ping IP or using the nslookup command.
Also, I see that you already have a ticket open. Could you please reply to the email you received from us in case number CA0000016121 ?

Kind regards,

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By rdnixon » 16 Feb 2016

We have exactly the same issue - but only since version 7.3. I'd try version 7.2 as 7.3 has given us nothing but issues.


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