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SAML authentication with AccessNow

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By Kevinwan » 02 Feb 2015


I like to know if it is possible to integrate SAML authentication process with AccessNow.

Best regards.

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By Andrew_Ericom » 02 Mar 2015

Since AccessNow is launched through a web browser there are four different ways to pass credentials to the AccessNow web page.  Any of these options can be used not only for the credentials but any other AccessNow setting as well.

1. The credentials can be hard coded in the config.js so that everyone uses the same user/pass
2. The credentials can be set via cookies, and the start.html will automatically look for them
3. the credentials can be sent using the form/post method
4. The credentials can be set via the web site URL.  (NOTE: since this will show up as plain text in clients web browser it is not recommended to set passwords this way)

You can look in the AccessServer manual for more information on setting the AccessNow values via these methods.


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