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Remote desktop connecting bu Specific application not opening

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By sudheeshr » 04 Mar 2015


Whave enabled terminal service and added an application  via user interface.
But that that application not opening. Getting a blank page.

We just passed it via user interface and via URL. But not getting.


a) http://localhost:8080/AccessNow/start.html?full_address={HOST}&username={USER}&password={PASS}&autostart=true&remoteapplicationmode=true&alternate_shell=Notepad.exe   
b) http://localhost:8080/AccessNow/start.html?full_address={HOST}&username{USER}&password={PASS}&autostart=true&remoteapplicationmode=true&alternate_shell=c:\\windows\\system32\\notepad.exe

Please provide a solution for me.


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Joined: 04 Mar 2015
By Avi Ericom » 28 Apr 2015


The passing of the URL should work fine in both of your examples.
For further support, please contact our Support team at:

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Avi Liberman
Customer Advocacy Engineer

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Avi Ericom
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