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Missing upload download icons

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By mitch.beaumont » 11 Jul 2014

When a user connects to AccessNow, the clipboard, upload and download icons display whilst the session is initialised, however, as soon as the application is launched, the upload / download icons disappear and all that is left is the clipboard icon. 

We have two terminal servers are running Windows Server 2012 and AccessServer 3.3.1, the issue only occurs when users connect to one of the terminal servers.

Both servers are built from the same gold image and more importantly, both servers were working fine earlier today. 

Nothing has changed on the servers from a configuration perspective since the 

This issue is apparent in Chrome, FireFox, IE and Safari, on Windows and Mac OS.

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By James_Ericom » 15 Jul 2014 in reply to mitch.beaumont

Thank you Mitch for bringing this issue to our attention.  There is a _UUID_ file that is required for the AccessNow file transfer feature to work.

This file is located in: C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\Ericom Access Server\FileTransfer

Please make sure that this file is present, and if it was accidentally deleted - just simply copy it over from another AccessNow Server installation.

This file is necessary for File Transfer to work as this feature is only supported in deployments where Access Server is installed on the same system as the RDP host.

Let us know if you have any further questions related to this feature.

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