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Juniper SSL VPN

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By mjones » 13 Feb 2014

Does anyone have experience using AccessNow with Juniper SSL VPN?

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Yes, Ericom AccessNow can be used with JUniper SLSL VPN. Se our online video here.

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By James_Ericom » 16 Apr 2014

Here are instructions on how to publish an AccessNow bookmark in Juniper:
These instructions explain how to use Access Server as a "jump" server to RDP hosts that do not have Access Server installed.

Create a bookmark for the AccessNow RDP Jump server:

Enable “Autopolicy: Single Sign-On”

  • Check “Remote SSO”
  • Check “Send the following data as request headers”
  • Add the following cookies:
  • EAN_username=<user>
  • EAN_password=<password>
  • EAN_autostart=true
  • EAN_remoteapplicationmode=false
  • EAN_address=
  • EAN_full_address=<computeraddress>

(The value <computeraddress> represents the LDAP attribute that contains the RDP host address value.  Alternatively, replace <address> with the actual computer address>, but make sure it is assigned to the relevant user/s)

This configuration assumes that there is only one address in the LDAP attribute.  A different configuration is required to handle multiple LDAP values.

Most AccessNow settings may be passed as a Cookie, refer to the manual for more details.

Assign the Bookmark to the desired Roles.

There are other ways to publish AccessNow bookmarks in Juniper depending on your architecture.  Contact Ericom for assistance on configuring your bookmark.

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By James_Ericom » 23 Apr 2014

When using AccessNow standalone (not through PowerTerm WebConnect), Ericon strongly recommends using the AccessNow 3.3 (or higher) client (web pages).  Version 3.3 allows better handling of multiple AccessNow bookmarks in the Juniper web portal.

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By James_Ericom » 23 Apr 2014

When passing Cookies from Juniper to AccessNow, make sure the variables are case sensitive.  See the AccessNow config.js file for exact case (and attached image for example with endURL).

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