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Interesting use cases for AccessNow HTML5

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By James_Ericom » 15 Apr 2014

Do you have any interesting use cases for AccessNow HTML5 RDP that you wish to share.  Let others learn about what you are doing to streamline application and desktop delivery.

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By eddyH » 17 Apr 2014

I use AccessNow to connect to Office 2013 from older WinXP systems.  Since XP is no longer supported, i just use them like thin clients and do not install anything on them.

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By mitch.beaumont » 28 Apr 2014

We use AccessNow to delivery a published Windows based accounting package to about 24,000 users, all of whom connect from a variety of different devices over a variety of different network connection types.

Ericoms AccessNow technology has enabled us to dramatically lower the time it takes users to register to use our service and begin working with the application. A typical user sign up is down from about 30 minutes to well under 90 seconds! This is all thanks to the feature rich browser based HTML 5 client.

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By James_Ericom » 03 Jun 2014

Use AccessNow to simulate a thin client session by disabling F11 to exit Full screen mode.

Set the web browser to launch in full screen mode.
Run the AccessNow session in the full screen browser (set to autostart=true if desired).
In the AccessNow config.js disable the ability to use F11 to exit full screen mode by setting fullscreenKeyMode=0


0 – always pass F11 to remote session

1 – for IE handle F11 locally (enter/exit full-screen). For other browsers pass to remote session

2 (default) – always handle F11 locally (enter/exit full-screen).

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