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How does the experimental speech control work

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By stevelewis383 » 31 Mar 2014

I do not see any documentation for this feature in AccessNow.  Do you have any info on how this feature works and which commands are supported?  Thanks in advance.

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By Andrew_Ericom » 02 Apr 2014 in reply to stevelewis383

Voice control always starts in “command mode”. In this mode you speak one word commands. Each command is translate into a sequence of keyboard clicks that are sent to the remote session. Make sure to pause between commands so that they are parsed individually. Here is the list of recognized commands:

Start or Windows – open/close Start Menu / Start Screen

Switch – switch foreground app (like ATL+TAB)

App – show icons of running apps

Internet or Explorer – runs IE

Google – runs Chrome

Word – runs Microsoft Word

Excel – runs Excel

Power – runs PowerPoint

New – new document (CTRL+N)

Open – open document (CTRL+O)

Save – save document (CTRL+S)

Print – print document (CTRL+P)

Next or Tab – next field in form (TAB)

OK or Go – submit form (Enter)

Cancel – cancel (Escape)

Down – page down

Yes – “y” key

No – “n” key

Back – backspace (or browser back)

Dictate – enter “dictation mode”. Say “Done” to exit dictation mode back to “command mode.”

If a command you say is not recognized:

1.       Make sure speaker is properly connected and turned on

2.       Make sure to click “Allow” in browser bar every time it appears

3.       Speak slowly and clearly

4.       Pause between commands

5.       Open JavaScript console – in the Console tab you will see something like: Unmatched command: "something".  Make sure this is a valid command



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