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Disable File Upload and Download through Access Portal

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By Anonymous » 20 Jun 2014

I am using AccessPortal to access VM for vWorkspace. The VM have AccessNow Server running on them.
As an additional step I wanted to Disable File Upload/Download and the Clipboard redirection.
I was able to restrict Clipboard redirection by a setting in default.blaze, but unable to find the same setting for File Upload/Download.
I have changed the setting in Config.js of the Ericom Web Component as well, but it doesn’t seem to take.
Can someone please let me know how to disable the same.


By Andrew_Ericom » 30 Jun 2014


In order to disable/enable the
file upload/download feature when using the AccessPortal, please edit the
following settings in the defaults.blaze config file.



Let us know if you need anything else.


Top Contributor Ericom Employee 21 posts
Joined: 05 Mar 2014
By Anonymous » 07 Jul 2014

Thanks Andrew.
That worked as a charm.



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