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Cannot type in certain applications using AccessNow

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By James_Ericom » 16 May 2014

Certain applications require scancode for typing.  When you are typing in an application, such as VMware vSphere client, through an AccessNow session, and nothing occurs - try to set AccessNow to use scancodes:

Find the config.js file that is being used and uncomment this line (remove the leading //):

//     convert_unicode_to_scancode: true,   // Set to true to use scan-code for locale specific input

The correct config.js file can be found on the machine represented by the URL.

Connect with AccessNow again after this change and try typing.

To set this in PowerTerm WebConnect, the variable needs to be set under the BLAZE_SETUP_PARAMS variable.  Contact your local support person if you need assistance with enabling scancodes in AccessNow with WebConnect.

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