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Can see the AccessNow login page, but cannot connect

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By eddyH » 02 Apr 2014

Hi, I have a strange problem.  I can connect to the accessnow start.html page using my address  I enter my credentials, but when I connect it says Connection failed: verify that access server is reachable.  This tells me that the port is reachable, but the connection is failing.  Any ideas?

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By James_Ericom » 02 Apr 2014 in reply to eddyH

This is a known issue when you are using a web proxy.  Make sure that the web proxy allows Websocket traffic through.  If your web proxy does not support Websocket, you will need to add the Ericom Gateway to convert the traffic to HTTPS.  Please email or call an Ericom support engineer for additional help on this issue as more details of your environment is needed.

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