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AccessServer V7 Ericom "Printer"

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By mterlich » 31 Mar 2015


Windows 2012 R2 RDS with AccessServer V7 - the Ericom printer that clients used to use to print when in AccessNow (used to pop open a new tab in the browser allowing the user to print to any locally installed printer) is not installing.  On older installs we see the printer called "Ericom AccessNow Printer"  Does anyone know if there are any tricks to get this installed?


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Joined: 31 Mar 2015
By Avi Ericom » 28 Apr 2015

Hi Michael,

Access Now is using the HP Universal Printer solution in order to enable direct printing.
The HP Universal Printer is not installed on Win 8/ Win 2012 by default.
Please go to -
And install the relevant driver on your server.

Avi Liberman
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Avi Ericom
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