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AccessNow to RDP Farm

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By Kevinwan » 02 Sep 2014


I have two RDS servers configured with NLB. I run into an issue when using AccessNow to do remote session.
All the remote desktop sessions were directed to a RDS server instead of sharing the sessions load.
I have specified the common IP address in the AccessNow launch page "RDP Host". 

What configuration do I need to set in order for it to work with AccessNow?

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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By James_Ericom » 10 Sep 2014 in reply to Kevinwan

Hi Kevin,

Is AccessServer installed on the RDP hosts?
If so, try putting the NLB address in the "Ericom Access Server" field and "" in the RDP Host field. 

If this does not help, please contact your local support office.  We may need to see your setup over a WebEx session to understand how it is exactly configured.

Ericom Support

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By Kevinwan » 18 Sep 2014

Hi James,

AccessServer is installed on a separate Windows Server. This server will then be pointed to the RDP farm.


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