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AccessNow to a Virtual Application for Sharepoint and Office

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By Francisco_S » 18 Feb 2015

I have just joined the Ericom community. The solution within a SSL VPN portal and POST bookmark provides a flexible medium for client access to a Kerberos-rich Sharepoint environment that also integrates with web part applications that we host. In fact, it's helped to reach all platforms by providing screen resolution, zooming, and scaling features without rebuilding interface. The Cisco ASA WebVPN version won't properly parse some of the Sharepoint Webparts natively, treating them as iframes. To solve that, the Ericom Secure Gateway provides SSO to the desktop for the user, to target a Terminal Server or Windows 7/8 desktop and avoid all client browser plug-in installs. So far, the desktop is fully accessible though Immersive IE on Windows 8/8.1 does not operate at lower resolutions, so a window is used, potentially iexplore -k with a home page set via GPO.

Regarding the use of a desktop as a Virtual App and removing Explorer, I'm interested in configuring a seamless session launch to run remote applications like IE and allowing it to launch Excel and Office apps. Can the layer between the browser and AN provide a window toggler?

Thank you

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By Andrew_Ericom » 02 Mar 2015

Currently you can have one app launch in seamless mode(no explorer) with AccessNow. If that app attempts to launch another app this too will work.  Unfortunately there is no "Task bar" feature that would manage the open apps. This is a feature we are looking to add in a future release, but currently there is no ETA.


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