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  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Growing Older in Software Development
    It must be a sign that I’m aging as a Software Architect: I keep seeing patterns in Patterns. I recently listened to a three part podcast by Ron Jacobs about the Presenter First Design Pattern (derived from Model View Presenter pattern (MV)
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Re: An Update on the Windows Roadmap
    It’s been a while since I’ve written about the Microsoft release schedule. A recent public letter from Bill Veghte, Microsoft’s Senior Vice President, Online Services & Windows Business Group, to the Windows community at large ha
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    On the Importance of Defaults
    One of the defining aspects of enterprise-grade software is the amount of configuration options it offers; often, there are many, very many. One reason for this is that enterprises generally have complex environments, compried

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