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  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    If They Come, How Will They Build It?
    In my top-ten list of tips and suggestions for effective project management I stressed the importance of processes, tools and documentation. I recently came across a wonderful post that demonstrates what can happen in a projet
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    More Positive Feedback
    About a month ago I posted about a happy Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect customer. Recently I ran into a post by another one. It’s a really pleasurable feeling for me as a software developer to know that my creations are providing value to rea
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Yet More Information About Windows Server 2008 Release Schedule
    A very interesting post on Microsoft’s Windows Server Division WebLog was brought to my attention. In this post a Microsoftie called Helene states that for reasons having to do with product quality, the Release to Manufacturig

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