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  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Happy Customers Make Me Happy
    One of the coolest experiences for a software developer is when somebody puts your creation to good use, and gets real value out of using it. It’s especially rewarding when a customer is so happy that he or she is willing to go on record in a leadin
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Thank You Brian Madden
    Brian Madden deserves our Kudos for making so much valuable information freely available online. This includes his books, videos from past Briforums, podcasts and more. Thanks to Brian and others such as Doug Brown, Wilco van Brgt,
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Simpler Makes It Easier
    In a recent blog post I described how we chose a simpler design for PowerTerm WebConnect than other Presentation Virtualization / SBC solutions. I also described benefits of this simpler design such as easier installatio,

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