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  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Ericom Free Webinar – The Alternative to Citrix Just Got Better!
    Ericom Software will be hosting a free webinar about our newest release: PowerTerm WebConnect 5.7.1. As the Alternative to Citrix, Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect is faster, simpler, and more cost effective – ideal for today’s challening
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    My Take on Simon vs. Brian
    An amusing response by Simon Crosby, Citrix Virtualization & Management Division CTO, to an amusing post by Brian Madden. What especially caught my eye in this exchange is this statement made by Simon Crosby: Since you [Brian Maden]
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Ericom Introduces Breakthrough HTML Client for VMware View
    One of the best things about being a software developer is that occasionally you get to participate in the creation of something truly unique and innovative. Recently at Ericom we’ve been working on exactly such a project: an RDP clint

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