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  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Installing Ericom Blaze in 7 Easy Steps
    We have just released a new version of Ericom Blaze (version 1.3) – our RDP acceleration and compression solution. Here is how to go about installing and using it in seven easy steps: Click here to start the download process (registration
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Ericom Blaze – More Than RDP Acceleration
    The purpose of Ericom Blaze is to significantly improve end-user experience when working remotely using RDP. Ericom Blaze primarily achieves this by greatly compressing and accelerating RDP. This results in smoother
  •  on Jul 29, 2014
    Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
    One of the main features in the recently released Citrix Tech Preview for XenApp (codenamed “Parra”) is role-based installation. Quoting from a Brian Madden article about this release: “Role-based installation … means that if you wat

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