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Yet Another Happy Customer

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Another entry in the ongoing series of Happy Customer reports – this time in the financial sector. Tech Decisions is running a story about how Western Financial Group, a Canadian banking and insurance firm successfully switched over to Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect. A few choice quotes from this article:

Installation went quickly. “We built the environment and put the terminal server on it,” says Bennett. “We called the Ericom support folks and downloaded the application, and with their assistance over the phone, we had it configured within a half hour or 45 minutes.”


“… my plan was to explain [to management] here is my old cost point, here is my new cost point, and the new one is substantially less. It wasn’t even a sell. I found a more cost-effective solution, it didn’t cause us any issues, and there really was no change from the user side.”

Dan Shappir is responsible for all aspects of product design, software development and maintenance of the Ericom's product lines. Mr. Shappir joined Ericom in 2001 and brings over 15 years experience in computer programming, and in the design and architecture of software products. Mr. Shappir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from Tel Aviv University, Israel. | Ericom Software
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