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See the 'total economic impact' of VDI

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See the 'total economic impact' of VDI

Desktop virtualization solutions are known to provide a number of benefits, including enhanced productivity and reduced IT-related costs. However, for a business to fully understand how investing in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can improve operations, it needs to see the total economic impact.

According to Data Center Knowledge, desktop virtualization does more than reduce IT hardware costs when it comes to the financial benefits of implementation. VDI eliminates the need to invest in high-cost desktop machines, improves staff performance and reduces power usage, resulting in an increase in profits and decreased expenses, respectively. Desktop virtualization also comes with its own costs, which a business has to balance with the advantages.

Server vs. desktop maintenance

One of the main differences will be in the maintenance costs of office hardware. A business that invests in VDI will be able to eliminate a significant amount of desktop computer maintenance, allowing professionals to use powerful machines without actually investing in them. However, it will increase the amount of server maintenance that needs to be done, requiring IT to focus on the servers hosting the virtual desktops. While this may seem like a trade-off, the actual costs of server repair and maintenance will be significantly less. As a single server can host hundreds of desktop environments, a business will only have a single physical machine to work on as opposed to those hundreds of computers.


It may seem like virtualization can be expensive on the software side as well. vSphere, vCenter and other VMWare software can run a business several thousands of dollars, not to mention the costs of operating system licenses and other necessary tools. However, this is an initial, one-time investment that allows a company to significantly reduce other enterprise software costs. Rather than purchasing a copy of software for every employee computer, a business needs only one copy, which can be installed across the VDI. In the end, this will significantly reduce software-related overhead.

Ultimately, any initial costs in VDI adoption will be heavily outweighed by the benefits that it provides, and the increased productivity and efficiency that desktop virtualization enables will help a business enhance its revenues, which helps the solution effectively pay for itself in short order.

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