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SBC Could Save You From Jail

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Just in case you live in the UK and need an argument to convince the organization you work for to switch to Server Based Computing, check out this article (link via Slashdot). Apparently the British Government’s Information commissioner Richard Thomas has called on the Ministry of Justice to make it a criminal offence to lose a laptop containing sensitive data that is not sufficiently encrypted. An example might be a doctor leaving a laptop containing personal details of patients in a car. The deputy Information commissioner David Smith told the House of Lords that the watchdog body was seeking powers to inspect organisations to check whether they were applying data protection laws.

While encrypting local data can be a solution, insuring that all sensitive data is properly encrypted can be difficult. Moreover, proving that all such data has been encrypted after a laptop has been lost or stolen is practically impossible. A much better solution is to simply store all data on central servers at the data center, and access them remotely via a Server Based Computing solution such as Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect.

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