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PowerTerm WebConnect 5.5.1 Has Been Released

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I’m happy to report the release of PowerTerm WebConnect 5.5.1, the newest version of Ericom Software’s flagship product. We’ve been working on this release for over a year and I’m very proud of the result. Here are several feature highlights:

  • Super tight Directory Service integration, with built-in support for Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory (contact us if you require support for another Directory Server)
  • Enhanced clustering supporting thousands of Terminal Servers and hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, without single points of failure
  • Supports Windows Vista and RDP6
  • New client for Windows CE, with True Seamless Windows functionality
  • Universal Printing
  • Greater Terminal Server scalability and stability through integration with the latest version of RTO TScale Advanced
  • Integrates with leading SSL VPNs including Juniper, F5, AEP and Check Point
  • Certified for RSA SecurID for two-factor authentication

Download PowerTerm WebConnect to check out these and the many other new features, then tell me what you think. Or watch webinar in which I demonstrate how I install PowerTerm WebConnect, publish multiple applications and access them remotely in under 10 minutes. Or read this review by Wilco van Bragt. Or, if you are attending Briforum, join my session on Tuesday, April 24 at 12:15 at room 621 or visit our booth.

Dan Shappir is responsible for all aspects of product design, software development and maintenance of the Ericom's product lines. Mr. Shappir joined Ericom in 2001 and brings over 15 years experience in computer programming, and in the design and architecture of software products. Mr. Shappir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from Tel Aviv University, Israel. | Ericom Software
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