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Life's Questions

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Have you ever wondered why you like blonds (assuming you are male)? What is the likelihood that you may get divorced? If you will or won’t go through a midlife crisis (again, assuming you are male)? Will you have more sons or daughters? You may find answers to these and other very interesting questions in this article (via Slashdot). Very much off-topic but I enjoyed this article too much not to share.

Dan Shappir is responsible for all aspects of product design, software development and maintenance of the Ericom's product lines. Mr. Shappir joined Ericom in 2001 and brings over 15 years experience in computer programming, and in the design and architecture of software products. Mr. Shappir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from Tel Aviv University, Israel. | Ericom Software
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