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HTML5 Remote Access Checklist

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HTML5 Remote Access Checklist

It appears that almost every company involved in VDI and Terminal Services is coming out with an HTML5 remote access client. In reality, this is not the case. There are, in fact, only a few HTML5 remote access clients that are actually available for use at this time. The rest are just betas or tech previews, or even just videos showing a proof of concept or a mock-up. Either way, a release date for an actual product is usually unavailable. As a result, we generally encounter little or no competition for Ericom AccessNow.

Still, prospective customers often do ask us how Ericom AccessNow compares with other HTML5 remote access products (existing or vaporware.) For this reason we have created a checklist that can be used for comparison and evaluation. Given the rapidly growing interest in this type of offering, I have decided to publish this checklist here. I’ve pre-filled the AccessNow column, and have set aside an additional empty column for whichever product you choose to evaluate:

Ericom AccessNow Alternative Product
Generally available Version 2.1
Supported host types
Terminal Services
Remote PC
Supported client platforms
Android tablets
Android phones
BB Playbook
Supported browsers
IE6 – IE8 requires Google Chrome Frame
Supported connection brokers
Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop (BETA)
VMware View
Quest (DELL) vWorkspace
Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect
Standalone (no broker)
Publish desktops
Publish apps
Audio recording
Print to local
File transfer
SSL VPN / Proxy tunneling
Clipboard redirection
URL redirection
Pass credentials (SSO)
Pass app parameters
Embed in frame
Play video
Smooth scroll
Fast response
Variable image quality
Multiple locales
Chinese/Japanese/Korean support
RDP hotkeys
Chromebook special keys

I hope you find this checklist useful. Please let me know if you think I’ve left anything out.

Dan Shappir is responsible for all aspects of product design, software development and maintenance of the Ericom's product lines. Mr. Shappir joined Ericom in 2001 and brings over 15 years experience in computer programming, and in the design and architecture of software products. Mr. Shappir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from Tel Aviv University, Israel. | Ericom Software
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