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Google Chromebooks in the News

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Google Chromebooks seem to be all over the news lately. At Ericom we have a particular interest in Chromebooks, and have been working with Google to deliver remote access solutions for that platform. A number of organizations and educational institutions are now using Ericom AccessNow, our HTML5 client, to gain remote access to Windows desktops and applications from Chromebooks. Examples of successful Chromebooks + Ericom AccessNow deployments include: Quality Distribution, Inc., a major transportation and services company, Richland School District Two and others.

Here’s a collection of what I consider to be the most important and interesting Chromebook related news items from recent weeks:

  1. According to Google, “there are now 2,000 schools using Chromebooks for Education – twice as many as 3 months ago”
  2. In a Bloomberg interview, Jim Wong, Acer president says Chromebooks account for up to 10% of Acer’s US shipments
  3. In addition, Acer may release a $99 Chromebox. In my opinion, a device at this price-point could be a significant driver for ChromeOS adoption
  4. HP have released the first Chromebook with a 14″ screen, joining Samsung, Acer and Lenovo on the list of Chromebook manufacturers
  5. The Samsung Chromebook is the best-selling laptop on Amazon (ahead of Apple MacBook)
  6. ZDNet comparative review: Surface RT vs. Samsung Chromebook: On the road
  7. Chromebook Customer Panel: Virtualization – three school districts discuss how they are using Chromebooks with Ericom AccessNow

Click here for more information about using Google Chromebooks with Ericom AccessNow.

Dan Shappir is responsible for all aspects of product design, software development and maintenance of the Ericom's product lines. Mr. Shappir joined Ericom in 2001 and brings over 15 years experience in computer programming, and in the design and architecture of software products. Mr. Shappir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (with honors) from Tel Aviv University, Israel. | Ericom Software
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