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Gartner Summit Presentation Demonstrates Delivery of Advanced Imagery and Diagnostics Tools on Mobile Devices and Tablets

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Gartner Summit Presentation Demonstrates Delivery of Advanced Imagery and Diagnostics Tools on Mobile Devices and Tablets

Yesterday at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit in London, I sat in on a very interesting session titled, "Delivering Advanced 3D Medical Applications as Zero Footprint Client". The presenter demonstrated how our customer, a large medical device company with headquarters in Germany, has been using Ericom AccessNow to provide medical professionals with browser-based remote access to innovative neurosurgery tools.

AccessNow is used to provide flexible, clientless access to a variety of innovative medical applications offered by the medical technology company. The combined offering allows medical professionals to access surgery and radiosurgery solutions, as well as advanced imagery and diagnostics tools, on tablets and mobile devices from any standard browser. In this way, the company is extending the capabilities of medical applications and giving healthcare professionals the flexibility to access streaming data from a broad range of devices.

The presenter noted that integrating AccessNow into their medical applications required minimal customization. Ericom’s HTML5 technology enables the company to provide medical professionals with reliable and secure browser-based access on iPads, making it easy for them to access the treatment data needed to review neurosurgery and radiotherapy procedures in real-time. Moreover, as a browser-based solution, AccessNow requires no endpoint installation, keeping patient data secure and ensuring privacy and compliance. 

To learn more about Ericom AccessNow, please visit:
Director of Product Marketing | Ericom Software

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