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City of Orlando Evaluates 600 Chromebooks with Ericom AccessNow for VDI

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In my previous blog post I explained why Google Chromebooks with Ericom AccessNow may be the ultimate client for VDI / TS / RDS / SBC. This is not some theoretical supposition – quite a few companies are evaluating a combined Google Chromebooks – Ericom AccessNow solution for exactly this purpose. One widely-reported example is the City of Orlando (see the ComputerWorld article) who distributed 600 Chromebooks to their employees. In a pilot rollout, these employees are now using Ericom AccessNow with their Chromebooks to access virtual desktops managed by VMware View. Here is what Orlando’s Sys Admin has to say about Ericom AccessNow:

Marvin Smith, System Administrator for the City of Orlando commented, “We have been evaluating Chromebooks for a variety of applications throughout various City agencies. Our objective was to be able to provide users with flexibility in accessing VMware View virtual desktops from any location. In fact, employees plan to take Chromebooks to meetings, use them while they work from home and on lunch breaks. Ericom’s AccessNow for VMware View provides a key connectivity component in empowering users to access vital resources from the Chromebooks. We have successfully installed and tested AccessNow for VMware View and plan to roll it out within our VMware View and Google Chromebook environments.”

For more information about Ericom AccessNow please visit the Ericom website.

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