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Announcing Ericom Connect version 7.6

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Announcing Ericom Connect version 7.6

We are pleased to announce that Ericom Connect 7.6 is now available for download on our site. The newest iteration builds on Ericom Connect's industry-leading scalability, multi-tenancy capabilities, and multi-data center architecture support, and further solidifies Ericom's position as a leading cloud services and DaaS enabler.

Key highlights of the latest release include:

  • Redesigned look and feel
  • New session management features
  • Seamless session shadowing
  • Simplified administration
  • Window 2016 ready
  • Improved Linux support

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Mendy is the Head of Solution Management at Ericom for all its products. Mendy's team focuses on delivering implementation and architecture solutions to our customers worldwide. | Ericom Software
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