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The Ericom team and guest bloggers share their latest thinking on Zero Trust, SASE and the key cyber issues of the day.

born in the cloud

Born in the Cloud: A Zero Trust Edge Architecture

To maximize the effectiveness of virtual operations, organizations are adopting a cloud- and mobility-first model, accelerating the need for cloud security solutions like ZTEdge.

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Zero Trust Security for Midsize Enterprises

Introducing ZTEdge™: Empowering MSEs to Defend What Matters

David Canellos, ZTEdge CEO, explains how the unmet Zero Trust cybersecurity needs of midsize enterprises and small businesses became a call to action.

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deck of cards on a yellow background

Big Cyber’s House of Cards

Dr. Chase Cunningham, ZTEdge Chief Strategy Officer, provides interesting insight into why Big Cyber has focused only on the Global 2000 and why it's time to secure all organizations.

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The Role of Microsegmentation in Zero Trust Security

As one of the keys to implementing least-privilege access, microsegmentation is an essential element in the Zero Trust toolbox.

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Remote Browser Isolation’s (RBI) Presence is Felt in Gartner’s Reports

Designed correctly, cloud native security platforms have the ability to deliver highly effective security that is transparent to end users - securing them

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Ten Years of Zero Trust – From Least Privilege Access to Microsegmentation and Beyond

Ten years ago, on September 14, 2010, John Kindervag of Forrester Research published his seminal article on the Zero Trust data security concept.

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Attacks on RDP Surge Along with Uptick in Remote Access

Brute force attacks on RDP-based remote access methods have reached all-time highs, as cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities for their own gain.

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