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Ericom Blaze for VMware View – Features and Benefits

Why Ericom Blaze?

IT departments strive to provide great remote computing experiences that closely match local PC-like experience. Today's RDP performance (the de facto standard for remote access) does not meet this performance level. As productivity decreases and frustration levels rise, remote users often experience sluggish response times, painfully slow screen updates and displays, images rendered in chunks, and videos and animations that have a low frame rate.

Ericom Blaze transforms RDP into a fast, responsive, and extremely efficient remote display protocol that dramatically reduces bandwidth consumption and optimizes RDP network traffic across the WAN/LAN and slow bandwidth connections.

How Does It Work?

Blaze performs three key operations to compress RDP by up to 98% and to transmit data up to 10 times faster than RDP:

  • Blaze intelligently introspects the RDP protocol and compresses display data by 20 times and more. In addition, Blaze performs enhanced bulk compression on all the data transmitted via RDP.
  • Blaze performs packet shaping to optimize RDP communication over high-latency / low-bandwidth connections.
  • Standard RDP breaks screen frames into multiple small chunks that are rendered individually on the local display. Blaze unifies these chunks and displays complete screen frames as single units, resulting in a much smoother and more pleasant end-user experience.

How does Blaze compare with RDP?

Ericom Blaze is a robust display protocol that exceeds the performance of the latest versions of RDP including RDP 7, across a latent / low bandwidth connection, or for complex graphics or animation displays

How much faster can I expect performance with Ericom Blaze?

The actual speed increase that you'll see from Ericom Blaze is highly dependent on a few factors. In general, the more graphics, the better the performance gains over RDP. In fact, the lower the bandwidth and the higher the network latency, the more dramatic the results. If the document is graphics based (bitmaps, pictures, etc.), and used over a slow connection, you can see up to 10 times better performance over RDP. If your document is primarily text based, you can see 2-5 times better performance over RDP.

Use Cases

Ericom Blaze performs particularly well in scenarios where RDP performance normally degrades the user experience, such as over low-bandwidth, high latency WANs, or congested LANs. Some of the most common use cases include remote office and branch computing, mobile / home-based workers, outsourced / offshore workforces, and cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications.

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