Ericom AccessToGo™ for Blackberry

Fastest RDP Client for BlackBerry Phones and Tablets

Ericom® AccessToGo for BlackBerry Phones and Tablets helped give Ericom a reputation for delivering to market the fastest remote desktop access. This reputation has been made brighter by the success of Ericom AccessNow - our modern, HTML5 browser-based access solution.

"Had a few RDP clients on my BlackBerrys over time…. This is the best I have ever used…" - KingEdriss

"I connected to my Linux box with ease from my Z10 and did everything I needed to do remotely. Great mouse cursor options and uncluttered screen, which is great too. For me the best product I've seen." - Mario Igrec

Ericom no longer supports AccessToGo RDP for BlackBerry phones and tablets. Our commercial product for BlackBerry devices is Ericom AccessNow - which works great with any backend Windows system including Windows 7. Best of all, it's clientless. So there's no need to install or configure anything on the user device.

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 Video: Check out the benefits of Ericom AccessNow