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AccessPad for Mac OSX

For fast, simple and secure access to hosted Windows applications and desktops from the home or office

AccessPad for Mac is a PowerTerm WebConnect client. Featuring RDP acceleration and compression, it provides Mac users a superior local PC-like experience and seamless connectivity from a cool, portal-like interface to remote Windows applications and virtual desktops. These are published by Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect, an advanced connection broker and the alternative to Citrix.

Good Bye Application Zone Hello AccessPad!

The Mac Application Zone has been replaced with AccessPad. AccessPad will automatically download (using the Java downloader) and launch when using ApplicationZone.html, or when the Application Portal is configured to use the native client.

AccessPad for Mac include a universal printer for RDP and Blaze connections. See chapter on printing for more details.

NOTE: The following features are not supported by AccessPad: Session Disconnect/Reconnect, Server failover, HostView, and Desktop/Start-menu shortcut icons. Look out for additional features in future versions.


  1. Browse to the Application Zone URL (or the Application Portal with native mode enabled): http://<WC_server address>/webconnect/applicationzone.html
  2. A login prompt will appear. Verify that the Server address is correct and enter the user's credentials.
  3. Once logged in, the AccessPad will appear with available connections.
  4. The user simply clicks or taps the desired connection to launch it.
  5. When exiting Mac AccessPad, all active connections will be closed.
NOTE: In order to view changes to the application set, the user must logoff AccessPad and back in to refresh the application list. This behavior may change in future versions.

AccessPad Menu bar

The AccessPad menu bar contains four useful functions:

AccessPadHomeReturns to the main list
AccessPadParent folderReturn to the parent folder list
AccessPadAboutDisplays version number, installation folder, PowerTerm WebConnect server address, and username that is currently logged in.

NOTE: If changes are made to the users application set, the user must logoff and log back into AccessPad to see the changes.

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Extensive virtualization platform support

Virtualization Platforms

  • VMware vCenter; VMware ESX / ESXi ; VMware Server
  • Microsoft SCVMM R2; Microsoft Hyper-V R2
  • Parallels Virtuozzo
  • Oracle VM
  • Enomaly ECP

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