How to configure Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP with Juniper SSL VPN

How to configure Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP using Juniper SSL VPN with built–in rewriter

This HD video shows how to configure an Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP session using a Juniper 7.4 SSL VPN with built-in web rewriter. (No client downloads were required in the making of the video.)

  • To take advantage of the higher performance WebSocket support, Juniper 7.4 or higher is required.
  • WebSocket support is enabled by default in 7.4 and does not require any configuration.
  • Ericom AccessNow also supports HTTPS for SSL VPN's that are not compatible with WebSocket.

If you require further assistance to configure the solution described in this video, please contact Ericom Support.