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Ericom AccessNow & TestNav 7.5 With Chromebooks


  1. Generic Ericom AccessNow Installation
    1. Install AccessNow on the Terminal Server using the installer downloaded from
    2. Follow installation instructions in the Ericom AccessNow Install Guide.
    3. Obtain appropriate license key for Ericom AccessNow
  2. Customize Ericom AccessNow for use with TestNav
    Edit the config.js file (C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\Ericom Access Server\WebServer\AccessNow) using a text editor. i. In order to have AccessNow provide direct access to Internet Explorer on the remote session change this line: // alternate_shell: "", // Startup application to: alternate_shell: '"C://Program Files (x86)//Internet Explorer//iexplore.exe" -k <http://testnav URL>
    1. Set convert_unicode_to_scancode=true. This changes the default settings so the shortcut keys will work.
    2. While not all TestNav-delivered tests may include items with audio, please remember that some tests do include items that may require audio. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that the Audio
    Playback settings (audiomode:0, in config.js) retain the default settings that enable audio playback.
  3. Terminal Server Setup
    1. Setup Java on the terminal server as per Pearson's instructions
    2. Allow only Java and TSAgent in Group Policy software restrictions.
    3. Use Internet Explorer parental control to allow only the TestNav site.
  4. Publish Chrome Application
    1. Create (customize) and deploy the Chrome Kiosk mode App via Google Chrome Store. i. See attached zip file with sample app files
    2. Edit the application.html file
    3. Enter the URL of the appropriate AccessNow server
  5. Set Kiosk Settings
  6. The application is then published to the Chrome Store as a private application, with the following settings: When this is complete, students will be able to launch the kiosk application from the Chrome OS login screen.