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A Perfect Fit: SAP® Business One and Ericom® Software

Clientless Remote Access to Powerful Business One Enterprise Resource Planning

With SAP Business One and Ericom AccessNow, small and midsize businesses can provide access to SAP Business One — quickly and easily, without having to install anything on the end user device. All the end-user needs is an HTML5 supported browser.

  • Ericom AccessNow provides secure, browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops (virtual & physical), running on-premises or in the Cloud
  • As an ideal BYOD enabler, AccessNow allows users to access their Windows applications and desktops at home or on the job – using any HTML5 compatible browser on almost any platform, e.g., Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPad / iPad mini, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, locked down workstation or Chromebook

"It's quick, it's easy, it's simple and it works."

Join former SAP Business One Product Evangelist Richard Duffy as he describes the benefits of converging the power of the Cloud with Ericom's high performance HTML5 RDP client, AccessNow. Simply install AccessNow onto an RDP host, either on premises or in the Cloud, and configure Ericom AccessNow to access that host — job done!

Simply and easily access your Business One system from nothing more than a browser. From any device. Anywhere.

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The great thing about Ericom AccessNow is that you don't need to install any software on the client. So I'm able to walk up to any PC or device anywhere in the world, and by simply entering in a URL I have access to SAP Business One... It's quick, it's easy, it's simple and it works

Richard Duffy,
Product Evangelist for SAP Business One