Ericom AccessNow™ for Microsoft Remote

Desktop Connection Broker (RDCB)

Add simplicity, speed and cross–platform HTML5 flexibility to RDCB–brokered environments

With Ericom, you can extend the reach of your investment in Microsoft's connection broker while taking advantage of the latest cutting edge HTML5 technology. Deliver 100% browser-based access to Windows desktops and applications published using the Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RDCB), from any device, anywhere — NO software installation or plug-ins are required on the end-user device!

To help our customers stay protected, connected, and productive while working remotely during Coronavirus-related office closures, Ericom is offering free 60-day licenses for Ericom AccessNow and Ericom Connect. Click on the Download button for your free licenses.

“Ericom AccessNow for RDCB makes it really easy to set up and provide HTML5 browser based access to your end users... I’m impressed by the ease of install and the smooth way of incorporating it with an existing RDS deployment.”

Freek Berson, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on RDS

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