Ericom's secure portal-based HTMl5 web access to Windows applications and desktops

Ericom AccessNow for Enterprise Portals

Secure Portal–Based Web Access to Windows Applications & Desktops

With the central importance of Enterprise portals, the diversity of end-user devices and the pressure to control IT expense and overhead, AccessNow for Enterprise Portals brings exceptional new value to organizations of all sizes and types.

Ericom AccessNow enables organizations to easily integrate Windows applications and desktops as portlets within IBM WebSphere, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle WebLogic, SAP NetWeaver, JBoss Enterprise, and other leading enterprise portals. By taking advantage of AccessNow, you can extend the reach of portal-based Web access to Microsoft Excel, Word or line of business applications. Enable your users to remain connected, content, and productive, wherever they are and from whatever device they are using.

Harness the power of enterprise portals to further streamline productivity

  • Empower users with instant intuitive and seamless access to Windows-based applications and desktops, from any HTML5 compatible browser on any platform, including PCs, laptops, Macs, Linux, iPad / iPhone , Android, Google Chromebook, RIM BlackBerry and Playbook, etc.
  • Enhance the flexibility and remote experience of employees who require anywhere - any device access to business-critical desktops, applications and data
  • Enables mission-critical business continuity by allowing employees to access their applications and desktops from any available end-point device, anywhere, without having to install any software or plugins

AccessNow Lowers IT overhead - significantly!

  • Zero client installation means zero management and maintenance of separate product versions and updates for multiple clients (end-point operating systems) - an HTML5 browser is all that is required
  • AccessNow doesn't require Java, Flash, Silverlight or any other underlying technology installed on the end-user device
  • Enables companies with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies to continue leveraging the Microsoft RDS and VDI platforms

Ericom AccesNow Portlet Within JBoss Portal- Click to Enlarge

JBoss Portal AccessNow Screenshot

How Ericom AccessNow Works - the basics:

  • Ericom AccessNow transforms - or "webifies" Windows applications and desktops, into portlets
  • Runs entirely within the browser; works natively with any browser with HTML5 and WebSockets support
  • Supports client devices running Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS (HTML5 client is the only way to support Google's Chrome OS and Chromebook), iPad / iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry / Playbook and any other OS
  • Runs as pure HTML5 on desktops, netbooks, laptops, thin clients, tablets and smart phones. Supports Intel x86, ARM or any other CPU architecture
  • Integrated with SSL VPN (no SSL VPN client required)
  • Integrates with Homegrown portals and Enterprise portals
  • VMware View deployments? AccessNow supports HTML5 web access to all Windows applications and desktops - including View desktops

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