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Ericom AccessNow for Citrix

Ericom's HTML5 Client — AccessNow for Citrix — delivers browser-based access to Windows desktops and applications hosted on Citrix XenApp (4.5 and higher) — from Chromebooks and any other endpoint device with any HTML5 browser. No Citrix or operating system upgrades required!

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Why Ericom AccessNow for Citrix?

While Citrix Receiver for HTML5 enables access from Windows devices, Macs and Chromebooks to hosted Windows desktops and applications provided by Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, it requires version 6 and higher. Ericom AccessNow for Citrix augments Citrix robustness with access to Windows applications, desktops and data from ANY browser and ANY device:

  • Supports access to published desktops and applications from Citrix XenApp servers from Windows PCs, Linux, and Mac, iPad / iPhone, Android, RIM Playbook / BlackBerry, Chromebooks, and any other OS that supports an HTML5 browser
  • Is compatible with some earlier versions of Citrix XenApp as far back as XenApp 4.5 (Presentation Server), removing the immediate need to upgrade to Citrix XenApp version 6
  • Runs in HTML5 Web browsers, eliminating the need to install, configure, manage or maintain plug-ins, separate products or updates for an ever-growing variety of end-user devices
  • Comes with Ericom SSL Secure Gateway (no SSL VPN deployment needed)
  • Works smoothly with existing SSL VPNs (in case the organization already deployed an SSL VPN), and does not require installing an SSL VPN client which mandates admin rights on the user device
  • Provides the same functionality on all supported platforms. Also, does not require any user rights on the user device - works even from locked down devices
  • Can be launched directly from organizational portals, even on mobile devices, providing maximum connectivity
  • URL redirection - clicking a web link in the remote session optionally opens it in a tab in the local browser
  • Remote / local printing - print from the remote host to the end-point device
  • Supports File Transfer between the remote host and the local end-user device
  • Finger gestures for touch devices makes it easy to page through presentations, quickly scroll through documents, and more
  • Supports multiple keyboard locales

As a zero client solution, Ericom AccessNow greatly simplifies user access to virtual desktops and applications. It's an ideal solution for organizations seeking to implement BYOD initiatives, support Business Continuity and extend the existing investments in their Citrix environments.

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Technical Differentiators

AccessNow for Citrix  Citrix Receiver for HTML5
Works with ANY HTML5-supported browser    Works with Chrome, IE 10, Safari 6, and Firefox browsers with HTML5 support
Works on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Linux, iPad, Android smartphones and all other devices running an HTML5 browser    Works only on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks
Is also available as a standalone product (that does not require Citrix XenApp or any other connection broker)    Is not available as a standalone; it requires Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop to publish the Windows applications or virtual desktops
Compatible with some earlier versions of Citrix XenApp - as far back as XenApp 4.5 (Presentation Server)    Requires the latest Citrix XenApp version 6 and up
Supports access to Windows applications on Terminal Server (RDS); the backend systems can be Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2    Requires Citrix customers to upgrade all Windows Servers to 2008 R2, move their 32-bit Windows apps to a 64-bit 2008 R2 OS, and to repurchase Microsoft RDS CAL licenses — significantly increasing Windows license expenses and migration costs

Ericom invites Beta testers to install, test and provide feedback to the newest member of Ericom's HTML5 RDP client product family.

Download the Beta now »

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