Windows on a Chromebook?

Windows on a Chromebook?

Ericom AccessNow - a pure HTML5 RDP client, empowers users with instant access to Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player and other Windows applications and desktops. There's no magic - all it takes is a Chromebook and Internet connection. What could be easier?

See how you can run Windows applications on a Chromebook with Ericom AccessNow.

The Chromebooks and AccessNow combined solution provides an incredibly simple way to access Windows apps on Chromebooks, e.g., Excel, Word, PPT, etc, and Web apps simultaneously

  • Education, Government and Healthcare and other industry types can enable users to access Window MS Suite and other productivity apps on Chromebooks, eliminating PCs software management.
  • Simple, easy and inexpensive to maintain- NO plug-ins required!
  • By enabling simple, browser access to Windows on Chromebooks, AccessNow eliminates the need for Windows PCs software management.
  • Helps IT departments solve the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) computing challenge.

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Ericom's AccessNow for VMware View provides a key connectivity component in empowering users to access vital resources from the Chromebooks. environments.

Marvin Smith, System Administrator for the City of Orlando commente

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