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British Loss Adjuster Saves up to £100,000 Over Four Years with Ericom's RemoteView




GAB Robins


   Ericom® PowerTerm® WebConnect RemoteView


  • Reduce operational IT costs
  • Facilitate flexible access to the company's core claims management system
  • Address the need to replace or upgrade 280 aging desktop PCs


  • Deploy Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView
  • Replace Citrix' Metaframe 4.5


  • Reduces annual support, maintenance and license costs by £5,500 per year
  • Enables 550 UK-based employees to access core systems from work, home and mobile devices
  • Revitalises 280 desktop PCs, potentially saving up to £84,000

"By replacing Citrix with Ericom, we expect to make considerable cost savings, while enabling our employees to work as efficiently as possible, from our offices, their homes and mobile devices."
Jon Mallet, IT Director, GAB Robins

In an era of continuing austerity and slow economic growth, all organisations are scrutinising their IT expenditure and looking for ways to save money.The successful global loss adjuster, GAB Robins has done exactly that and uncovered potential cost savings of tens of thousands of pounds.

Simply by replacing its existing Citrix platform with Ericom's RemoteView solution, the company has saved £5,500 every year on support, maintenance and license renewals alone. The company now plans to extend its use of RemoteView and centralise all its business applications to boost the performance of its aging estate of PCs. This strategy could lead to deferred capital expenditure on new desktop computers of £84,000.

When there is a single business application that is absolutely vital to the efficient and profitable operation of your business, you don't want to take chances. GAB Robins trusts Ericom with the claims management application that lies at the very heart of its business.

A critical business application

Headquartered in the UK, GAB Robins is a well-established loss adjusting and claims management company with associates managing claims around the world. It uses a wide range of innovative IT solutions to help it handle claims as efficiently as possible and deliver a consistent, high quality of service for its customers.

At the heart of GAB Robin's business is a central claims management system that enables the company to manage the entire claims lifecycle in a professional and efficient manner. This pivotal business application is used by all of the company's employees, working in offices, from home and on the road. If employees couldn't access this system, they wouldn't be able to adjust losses, process claims, respond to customers, make financial settlements and more besides. In short, the company wouldn't be able to generate fees.

For many years, the company had relied on Citrix' Metaframe 4.5 solution to host its claims management system and deliver the application out to thin clients and mobile devices. However, the cost of renewing this solution, year after year, was placing a massive strain on the IT budget. "The annual support and maintenance for Citrix, together with license renewals, was around £11,000 per year," says Sam Outama, Infrastructure Manager at GAB Robins.

Reduced operational costs

When the use of Citrix was closely examined, the IT team found that GAB Robins didn't actually need many of the features bundled in the solution. Consequently, the company was investing in technology that was unnecessary and didn't add value for the business. "We were paying out all this money for capabilities that we just weren't using," Outama says. "So, we set out to find a better option that would still meet the company's needs but deliver greater value for money."

That 'better option' was a solution from Ericom. GAB Robins discovered that Ericom's WebConnect RemoteView could meet all the requirements of the business, for a significantly reduced investment. RemoteView is a server-based solution that delivers centrally-managed applications to any number of users, regardless of whether they are connected via a desktop PC, thin client, laptop, tablet or other mobile device. Users simply use any modern Internet browser to securely access the applications they need.

The annual support, maintenance and license costs for RemoteView are less than half the cost of Citrix, saving the company over £5,500 per year. "RemoteView gives us all the features that we require, without the overhead of paying for features that we don't use," Outama says. "We will get return on our investment in Ericom in less than two years."

Deferred capital expenditure

Initially, RemoteView will be used to provide access to the company's claims management system for around 550 employees working in the UK. Eventually, however, GAB Robins plans to remove all software installations from the desktop PCs within its thirteen offices in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and host it centrally instead. Employees will then use RemoteView to access all the applications they need, such as Microsoft Office, Voice over IP and Adobe Reader.

This strategy will contribute to further cost savings within the business. For example, the use of RemoteView will allow the company to extend the life of its estate of 280 desktop computers in the UK, which are already nine years old. Unburdened by application software, these nearly obsolete desktops will run much more quickly again and will not need to be replaced or upgraded in the immediate future. Assuming that a new desktop PC costs around £300, GAB Robins estimates that it will be able to successfully defer a capital expenditure of £84,000. Indeed, that capital outlay could be deferred for a very long time, believes Outama. "Our old PCs will be able to keep on going almost forever," he says.

When taken together, over a four year period, the total potential operational and capital cost savings that GAB Robins could achieve could be as much as £100,000. Furthermore, the company may derive additional cost savings within its IT department due to more efficient, centralised application management. It will be much quicker and easier for the company's IT team to manage software upgrades and maintenance as they will no longer have to visit each individual desktop across 13 sites from Glasgow and Belfast to Brighton.

A more efficient business

GAB Robin's own IT team installed and configured RemoteView, taking advantage of Ericom's help desk when it needed a little assistance. "If you understand how Metaframe works, then the concept is the same with RemoteView," Outama explains. "From an IT management perspective, RemoteView is very easy to set up and use."

The majority of the company's employees gain access to the claims management system via RemoteView from desktop PCs or thin clients while at work. In addition, home-based workers can use this vital business system from any PC, laptop, tablet or other device. The IT team simply installs lightweight client software on the user's own device and then he or she can access the claims management system and work as competently at home as in the office.

GAB Robins has also rolled out RemoteView to fifty mobile loss adjusters, who travel around the country assessing incidents. These mobile workers have Samsung Series 7 tablets, running the Windows 7 operating system. The use of RemoteView enables them to check claims histories, verify insurance cover, enter loss details and expedite issues, from wherever they are working. With full access to the company's claims management system they can do their work efficiently and minimise the time required to process claims.

RemoteView has been up and running for nine months and has delivered 100% up-time. In addition, the performance of the claims management application has been as good as, or better than, if it was running on users' local PCs. This reliability and speed helps the company's employees to work efficiently, generate fees and deliver the prompt service that GAB Robin's customers have come to expect.

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