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Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP Client

Browser-based RDP Access to Windows applications and desktops - from any device with an HTML5 compatible browser

Ericom AccessNow is the leading web-based RDP Client, providing clientless, browser-based access to Terminal Services, RDS and VDI-hosted applications and desktops (virtual & physical). A special version for VMware View is available here. Running entirely in the browser, AccessNow works on Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox and any other HTML5-enabled browsers / device with WebSockets support, including from Google Chromebooks.

Key Benefits of AccessNow include:

  • Anywhere, any device browser-based access to Windows desktops and applications, from Chromebooks, iPads / iPhones, Android tablets and devices, PC, Mac & Linux desktops, RIM Playbooks, and even locked-down Workstations.
  • Zero client software management! AccessNow does not require Java, Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX or any other underlying technology on the end-user device.
  • Easy to use! Hosted Windows desktops and applications are instantly available right in the browser of any PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPad, Android, and other HTML5-enabled device.
  • Enables end-users to walk up to an Internet-connected computer running a Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Chrome OS, and access their Windows desktops and applications from within the browser.
  • Extends the reach of leading Connection Brokers, e.g., Windows Remote Desktop (RD) Connection Broker, to Chromebooks and other HTML5-enabled devices and browsers.
  • Supports the latest bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.

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IT Expert Opinion

"Ericom AccessNow HTML5 client: It's available works great with pure RDP, VMware View, Quest vWorkspace, and Ericom PowerTerm Web Connect.

And the price is right, especially if you buy the subscription. So if you need clientless access to your remote desktops, take a look at it.

I'm a huge fan."

- Brian Madden

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