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My HostView users are Active Directory users (WebConnect generates them automatically). How do I assign pre-defined LU names or Device Names to these automatically generated users (AutoCreated users)?

In order to assign pre-defined LU names or Device Names to WebConnect`s auto created users, please follow the steps below:

1) Download the following archive, which contains two PSL script files:

2)  Extract the archive to C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\WebConnect 5.6\DataBase\Connections. 
(The archive contains two PSL script files).

3) Edit the file LUs.psl, adding the list of users (using lower case) and the desired LU/Device Names. 
For example:

#administrator "bob+"

#example "susan+"

#guest "michael" "jack" "laurie"

#john.smith@ericom.local "test+"

4) In case that you are connecting to IBM Mainframe, edit SetLUs.psl and use the command set lu-name instead of set device-name

5) Edit the last line of the SetLUs.psl file and provide the relevant host name or IP address (For example: return "").

6) Open the Connection Properties window of the desired host connection, and set the Host Name to: 
=run SetLUs.psl

Additional Information:

1. LUs.psl is a table which contains the mapping of user names to device names / LUs. Simply create a row for each user having the format: #username LU

 As you can see in the examples displayed in the file, the LU can be an expression such as: bob+

 In addition, you may provide multiple LUs for a specific user. By default the first LU will be used. However,  you may override this using the LU_INDEX PowerTerm WebConnect environment variable. An LU_INDEX value of 0 selects the first item, 1 selects the second, etc.

 2. SetLUs.psl reads LUs.psl and looks up the value for the user.

  Note: This solution can be used for both 5250 sessions (AS/400) and 3270 sessions (Mainframe).