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How do I remove the menu and the toolbar?
answer There are several ways to remove GUI components:
1) Run PowerTerm and click on the desired items of the Options menu (Hide Menu, Hide Tool Bar, Hide Buttons..).
In order to save these new settings for future sessions, click on Files -> Save Terminal Setup.

2) Command line parameters (Linux) or shortcut parameters.
For example, add to the Target line of PowerTerm`s shortcut:
-no-menu -no-toolbar

On Windows:
"C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\PowerTerm\ptw32.exe" -no-menu -no-toolbar

On Linux:
./PowerTerm -no-menu -no-toolbar

3) ptargs.ini file
A) Create a new file named ptargs.ini and save it to PowerTerm`s working directory
B) Add the following text to the new file that you have created in the previous step:
C) Save the change.

4) PSL script
For removing GUI components, use the PSL commands:
set hide-status-bar on
set hide-buttons on
set hide-toolbar on

In addition, PSL scripts allow you to remove undesired menu items or tool bar icons. 
For example in order to remove the Setup menu-item, simply run the following PSL command:
remove-menu-item Setup