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How do I configure WebConnect and the Terminal Server to host  Lotus Notes?
answer Lotus Notes Client Installation Instructions for Microsoft Windows Terminal Server

PowerTerm WebConnect can publish a rich Lotus Notes interface utilize Microsoft
Windows Terminal Servers (WTS) to host the client application. This document will
outline the steps necessary to configure Terminal Server to host Lotus Notes.

1) Create a user directory for the default Lotus Notes data files; we will call it
lotusInstall. Also, choose a user who will connect to the Lotus Notes Client; we will
use visitor for this example and will create a lotusdata directory for the Lotus
Notes data files in it.

2) Run the Lotus Notes Client Installation

3) Choose Single Installation

4) Install the executable in the default directory

5) Install the data files into the previously created lotusInstall directory.

6) Deselect any options that will not be used

7) Complete the installation

8) Copy the notes.ini file from the Windows directory to the User directory. If the
file does not exist, then copy it from the C:\Program Files\lotus\notes directory.

9) Open notes.ini. Make sure that KitType is set to 1, InstallType is set to 6, and
that the Directory variable contains the directory of the user i.e. visitor. If it
does not change the file to look like:

10) Copy the lotusInstall files to the visitor\lotusdata directory

11) Logon to the PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool

12) Create a new Windows Application connection

13) Choose the defaults for Step 1.

14) On step 2, under Choose Application put the path to where the Lotus Notes
application runs i.e. C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\notes.exe; under Working
Directory, write C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\; under Parameters add: "=C:\Documents
and Settings\visitor\lotusdata\notes.ini", where the path is the path to the user’s
(visitor) notes.ini file.

15) Finish configuring the Connection with the correct Terminal Server information.

16) Log into PowerTerm WebConnect as the user configured in the connection described

17) Choose the Lotus Notes Connection

18) Configure Lotus Notes